Backups do not run on schedule

I have Duplicati installed at about a dozen locations. I just noticed today that a number of them have not actually run on schedule for months!

I’m trying to find a discernible pattern as to why some systems’ schedules are failing and coming up empty.

Duplicati is installed as a TSR. I can confirm that the icon is in the system tray. The backups are scheduled to run during the day when the workstations are definitely on. There are no error logs for attempted schedule executions, the log entries just… end.

What reasons would the schedule be failing to execute the backup?

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How do you notice? Is it just the GUI, or do you use other Reporting options and monitors?

Looking at the file names and dates at the Destination would probably work too.

I’ll assume TSR refers to Windows service. This gets into several complications.
One nasty one is if Windows version update puts databases in C:\Windows.old.
This would stop things really hard, but wouldn’t give quite the look you describe.

About → System info has lots of information. Generally you’ll see it running like:

StartedBy : Server
UserName : SYSTEM

System info there is:

StartedBy : Tray icon
UserName : <non-SYSTEM user>

To connect Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe and a Windows service, ask for --no-hosted-server

Set this option to not spawn a local service, use if the TrayIcon should connect to a running service.

because if you don’t, you might be looking at the wrong Duplicati, likely on port 8300 not 8200.

The schedule should also be available on the home screen, for every scheduled job, with next scheduled job also shown on status bar at top of the screen. Are systems showing schedules?

What Duplicati version is this? The current Beta tends not to make a job log on any errors. The
latest Canary releases do better, but Canary releases are generally too new for production use.

Check About → Show log → Stored to see if anything is failing at the time backups should run,
however even without logs in the usual place, fatal errors are rather noisy, and do GUI popups.


Although maybe the above will lead to an answer, you can also put log files onto job or Server.

How do you notice?

I was looking at the logs for the profiles in the Duplicati UI. The latest log entries are from last year in September. The schedules are setup to run M-F (when the systems are assuredly running).

I’ll assume TSR refers to Windows service

I may have misused that term. I do not see a system service for Duplicati. The Duplicati icon sits in the system tray.

What Duplicati version is this?

That simplifies things then, and I await the other checks.

Do the home page and status bar reflect that? Which times update as expected, e.g.


looks right for my daily backup which runs whenever I wake up computer in morning.
Status bar also shows me the “Tomorrow at 5:20”

If runs keep happening but lack logs, then definitely try About → Show log → Stored.

If runs keep happening but lack logs, then definitely try About → Show log → Stored.

Thanks, I didn’t realize those logs were there. That’s revealed the problem was a network service issue (the target SMB share was inaccessible). It appears the password on the target machine was changed unbeknownst to me.

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