BackupID as text field instead of int in Notification table

I was just wondering why the BackupID field in the table Notifications is a text field instead of int as everywhere else?

And in the Schedule table BackupID is in a “tags” field as a string “id=”

I’m not 100% sure if I should ask these questions, like the “Deleted backup jobs in metadata” thread the other day. When I stumble on things that to me looks a bit odd I feel I should flag it, it MIGHT be something not intended. But if everything is as intended, or has ended up like this just due to timeconstraints which obviously is the reality, I’m just stealing your time.

Speaking as one who doesn’t actually have the answers, I’d say we’re better off asking.

IMO Kenkend et al. are done a great job, but they may not always be able to input as much as they are now. As far as usual know, topics like this are the closest thing we’ve got to “design docs”.

The more people who understand why things are done the way they are the more likely they’ll be able to contribute in the future.

(Plus, sometimes mistakes happen so more eyes on code can help catch inefficiencies and bugs.)

At least that’s how I see it.

That is because some backups are using a string for ID. For instance, you can restore without creating a real backup. Internally this works by creating a temporary backup (which is not written to the settings database). The restore operation is then started on this temporary backup.

The temporary backups have random guid names, which is also used to distinguish them from the stored backups.

Yeah … that was a planned feature that I never got around to implement. The idea was that you could have a schedule that would work on multiple backups. Say “all in the photo group should run at 12:00”, then that “tags” would be “group=photo”.

This was planned, but then we did not follow up.

I think that just asking is great! And I do my very best to get around to answering all questions, as that serves as a ad-hoc form of documentation.

It would be optimal if I would just write an explanation for everything, but I am very biased, so I don’t know which parts are obscure. Asking the questions brings this up.

I agree completely!

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