Backup to Multiple Storage


I want to backup our data to multiple storage devices - to a local NAS and to our cloud storage. I am guessing the way to go with that is to create 2 separate backups. Or is there a way to only have one backup and store backup 2 both storage?

If not possible, is there a way to get the 2nd backup to execute once the 1st one is finished?

Thank you!

There are some ways to accomplish your needed, e.g. you can launch a script after the first backup, this script lounch a second backup job with destination your cloud… but I suggest the KISS philosophy: syncronize your backup duplicati directory with the cloud.

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Easiest way for basic two backup plan is to schedule it slightly later. Only one job runs at a time…
The advantage of having two jobs is that if one backup breaks, you have another backup to use.

For less redundancy, Questions about destinations, rclone, scripts and jobs details how to sync.
Tools vary, of course, and you don’t name your cloud storage, but rclone can cover a lot of them.

There’s no GUI, unlike some sync tools, but that fits in well with Duplicati GUI ability to run script.
If you prefer to Export As Command-line to script a different-destination variation, that works too.