Backup to iDrive Cloud Backup Account (not e2)

Hi all,
I have an iDrive account that I’ve been using with the iDrive scripts but I’d like to control the backups through Duplicati.

Is there a way to connect Duplicati to the standard iDrive Cloud Backup account or do I need to change to an iDrive e2 account?

Welcome to the forum @shaftandspanner

Could you clarify that? Note that I don’t have IDrive, so don’t know what scripts you refer to.
Duplicati has Scripting options that can run other scripts associated with a Duplicati job, but possibly you mean “backup only through Duplicati”? Or is there some combination in mind?

You can ask IDrive, but as far as I know, they intend for application integrations to be on e2. Seemingly, the non-e2 API is unpublished, for their use, and subject to change at any point.

You could certainly try to have Duplicati use Local folder or drive that IDrive then copies, but additional pieces in the process can add confusion and fragility. Duplicati can run e2 directly.