Backup to FreeNas via SSH - Pre-Seed Data

I’m looking to backup ~1TB of data to a remote site running FreeNAS via SSH (SFTP). It would take weeks to perform the initial backup, is there any way I can seed the data directly to the FreeNAS so that Duplicati only has to upload the changed files?


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Yes, you can definitely seed data. Configure your backup job to save to a local destination (like a USB drive). At this stage do not configure automatic backups. Instead, just start the backup job manually.

Once it completes successfully, take the data to the remote location and copy all the files to the remote storage. After you do that, reconfigure the backup job so that it now points to the true remote destination. As long as you have done everything carefully, you should be able to kick off another manual backup and have it complete successfully. At that point I would then configure the job to run automatically.

Good luck!

Thank you so much. That is very helpful, I cringed at the thought of running a full backup over a 100mbit connection.