Backup to external HDDs


I’d like to use Duplicati on a Windows 2012 R2 server in order to backup all data from a NAS (36 TB). The NAS is connected to W2012R2 via network shares, visible as drive letter U. The W2012R2 server has an external USB HDD drive connected to it.

I would like to backup the data from the NAS to the external USB drives. Whenever the external USB drive is full, I’d like to receive a notification from Duplicati to change the external drive, or so. Then replace the full HDD with an empty one and the backup continues from there. This repeats until all data is stored on x external disks.

After that, I’d like to keep another (empty) USB HDD drive constantly attached to the W2012R2 server, backing up incremental changes on the NAS every night.

Does this work with Duplicati? If so, how? If not, which other software would you recommend?

Thanks for your support!

Regards, Raki