Backup task is regularly failing to open folder on NAS

I am relatively new to Duplicati.I have a scheduled backup task that writes my backup data to a NAS storage device. I am seeing failures being reported stating that the backup folder does not exist When I look at my NAS the target folder is there and if I then manually run the backup it always works.

My NAS is configured to stop the drives spinning when it is not in use (most of the time - possibly spinning for about 15 minutes a day when backing up). When a request to access the shared file space is made the drives spin up automatically but this if course takes some time. Is there any setting to control the timeout while waiting for the NAS drives to spin up?

Could there be a different problem?

Environment W10 using Duplicati version 2.06.1 beta. NAS is a Netgear ReadyNas.V2

I’m not sure if such a setting exists, but you could always make another scheduled task (eg in Windows task scheduler, or on the NAS itself) to open the NAS drives just 5 min prior to the time you set in Duplicati.

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You can test this yourself by removing:

I’m not either, but I very much doubt it.

What destination storage type is it? If SMB, Duplicati as-a-service-or-not matters.

For a system with spin-up wait, I would hope it doesn’t give answer before spin-up.
I don’t know if that’s true here. If you have a client for NAS protocol, you can test it.

If you have no other client, you can use Duplicati.CommandLine.BackendTool.exe
to test a list of the NAS folder as specified by the Export As Command-line URL.

Is the scheduled backup task scheduled in the same Duplicati web UI that does manual backup run?
There are so many different ways to run Duplicati that sometimes this may explain different behavior.