Backup stuck in verifying files

The 3rd of my 4 backups is stuck in Verifying Files.
Even removing the backup doesn’t work!


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And the other 3 are running fine? Any known differences (except for stuckness)?

Do you mean the step in the status bar after the backup remains in the status bar?
That should prevent your other 3 backups from running. It also shouldn’t happen…

This is basically listing files, then downloading a (at least default) small sample set.
Does “Test connection” button on Destination screen work, or get stuck? Describe.
What is the Destination set to?

Removing a backup should prevent it from running, so by definition it can’t get stuck.

Do you mean removing then reconfiguring? If so, back to question about the other 3.

Do you mean you can’t remove a backup that’s still running. Describe “doesn’t work”.


Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs at About → Show log → Live → Information might
provide some more information on the post-backup verification, if you restart backup.