Backup stuck at "Waiting for upload..."

Trying to do a backup, it gets stuck at “Waiting for upload…”.

Newly configured backup, only included two less than one kilobyte (!) files.

4. juuni 2018 15:04: put
4. juuni 2018 15:04: list []

Connection to remote is SSH, the file ( gets created, but remains at 0 bytes.

Duplicati - on Windows (i think it offered an update and then updated itself to this version)

The first backup, even if it is empty folders or just a few files takes some time as it has to create the database, subfolders, backup file blocks and so on. A simple 2KB backup may take an hour or more for the first initial backup.
This is not a simple copy file from A to B, it has to do a whole list of other things in order to start the initial backup. In my testing, It took the same amount of time for the first initial backup of a folder with 5 files at 2-3KB each, as it did a single folder with 3 files that were a total of 5GB.
It is at that level, around 10GB total or larger, that the time to do the initial backup starts increasing beyond the 1 hour timeframe.

EDIT: Although another possibility, if it updated to (should be in the about area to the left), this is a very buggy version, which is why I had to go back to and disabled automatic updating.

Hi @asdfg, welcome to the forum!

While mikaitech is correct about initial backups and the version, if your source really is a single folder with 2 tiny files the upload process shouldn’t be very time consuming - and if you’re on the “beta” update path you shouldn’t be alerted to canary updates like,, and

When you say the connection to remote is SSH do you mean one of these?

  • the backup is using “SFTP (SSH)” Standard protocol for the destination
  • you’ve manually set up an SSH tunnel to the destination
  • you’re remotely connecting to the GUI through an SSH connection