Backup status is not being updated

Testing the new version of duplicati I detected that the progress of the backup is not being updated, I am doing a backup of 75.4 gigas, it has been doing two hours that it is doing but does not inform how much is missing for to finish.
I remember that in earlier versions he reported this.
follows a print from my backup.
So far this version is show.

Thank you

Same here, in the top bar it does only update the speed/second.

And “Stop after upload” does not seem to wor; it never stops.

Maybe @Anderson_Marcelo and @Tapio could comment on versions, e.g. whether the problem seems new.

Stop after Upload might be an unfixed problem which I’m also seeing on No idea if it worked before…

In version I remember that this works.

see in version the backup status works

Both worked before, but I cannot tell which versions things worked.