Backup speed at 15MB/sec disk IO

Hi Duplicati team. I have fixed my power issues with the two external drives I am using (one source and one destination). I am experiencing very low transfer rates for some reason, I believe a file transfer goes from the external source to the internal base to the external destination. I have disabled antivirus and spotlight indexing everywhere to improve with no luck. The total size of the backup is around 2.2TB. Which is taking four days to reach 20%. I believe this will complete in 20days!

Any ideas how to troubleshoot this?

PS: Also at reboot the size of the backup automatically increases, hence I will write another topic around it.


Just out of curiosity, if you just do a straight file transfer to/from the drive(s) in question, what speeds do you get then?

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I’ve got the speed from the OS activity monitor. If I run a blackmagic speed test, both external disks run at 100MB/s and the internal (Apple one) runs at 50MB/s. Those test were run while backing up, so not sure if there is some precedence of the test against duplicati process, or if it’s valid enough.

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