Backup solution - Headless linux to Windows desktop

Hey guys,

I am trying to find an r1soft alternative solution to easily back up (incremental and full) and restore my headless linux server to my windows 10 desktop hard drive for disaster purposes. Not sure if I misconfigured duplicati, but is there a way to do this? When choosing source, I can only choose my local folders/drives.

Please advise, thanks.

Hi @techit,

Duplicati can only back up local files.

So you must install Duplicati on your Linux server and configure it over the web interface to back up to some network storage on your Windows desktop (e.g. an FTP server).

You can install Duplicati on your Linux server over the CLI and then configure the service to start with the arguments --webservice-port=8200 --webservice-interface=any to allow you to access the web interface on port 8200 from your local network.

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Along with @Pectojin’s comment about backing up local files it should also be mentioned that Duplicati is STRICTLY file level backup, unlike R1Soft that provides block level backups.

This means that while you can use Duplicati to backup and restore individual files you couldn’t restore an entire partition layout or bootable disk.

Hey guys,

Got it. Thanks so much for the response and support.