Backup showing 5 versions while config defines only 1 backup

So the config use to be set to 5 versions I believe, but then I changed it to only keep one backup. Will it do 1 backup or 5? Maybe this text on the home screen hasn’t been updated?

After next backup, it should trim versions down to 1 (why so few – that’s not good?) and show you that.

I guess I’d answer with a question; why so many? I don’t need so many versions of a file.
I would like to start implementing the 3-2-1 backup rule.
On the Home tab, under the backup name, I assume the Source: field tells me how large the source data is (only one version)?

Remember that these are backup snapshot versions, not necessarily file versions (there is a subtle but important difference).

Backup versions are point-in-time states of all the files in your backup selection list. So when you think about retention time, think about how far back you may want to restore.

Having a larger number of backup versions gives you more opportunity/time to spot damaged files, files accidentally deleted, etc. Also, because Duplicati uses deduplication, multiple backup versions can be stored very efficiently.

If your retention is only 1 backup version, and you run a backup each day, you won’t be able to restore a file that was accidentally deleted unless you notice it and restore before the next backup runs.

Source is source – it’s just the latest seen. No versioning, but only changing over time.

Backup size is all versions. Additional versions will only upload whatever has changed.