Backup Setup Removed from Duplicati

Sorry if this is answered elsewhere. I looked for it but could not find anything like this

I don’t know if I did something wrong - but I installed Duplicati and setup an Azure Blob to test the system. I ran for 3-5 days without issue.

I had some issues with my laptop and after restarting once or twice the backup configuration I setup was gone. I missed exactly when this happened. It had run for several days and there were 269 remote files on Azure.

I recreated a backup pointed at the same Azure site and still had a copy of my passphrase - and it is now rebuilding. I now will export the backup settings.

Q: Is there a need to save or commit your settings? It seems like it should just commit them automatically.

Q: Was this a fluke? It is Beta so I don’t expect perfection :slight_smile:


Hello and welcome!

The most common reason your config may appear to be lost is because you are accessing Duplicati that is running under a different user context. Are you running on Windows, and did you set up Duplicati to run as a service? Maybe you are accidentally accessing Duplicati that’s running under your login instead of the service instance (or vice versa). Similar can happen on the Linux platform: systemd service vs user instance.

You could try searching your system for Duplicati-server.sqlite files. If you have more than one, it could confirm my guess. (When you search, make sure it scans all hidden files/folders too.)