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Good morning! I’m starting in Duplicati and a question arises: When I lose my Server where Duplicati is installed, how do I recover my Backups?

Hello, I am not going to provide you with a step-by-step, because I’m lazy and then it’s not a good thing for you :slight_smile:
In general, what I do is to save the backup job as a Json file. This file should be backed up by hand in a separate and secure location (secure especially if you save the authentication data with it, my idea is to save the auth data separately, so that the backup config can be duplicated at will at several places). Then when you have your new computer, you recreate the job from the Json file. While in edit mode for the recreated job, invalidate any automatic backup - the last thing you need is Duplicati starting a backup of your new server over your data. Then you recreate the database. Once it’s done, you restore what you want.

The important thing to remember is to practice first. The first thing to do after your first backup is to uninstall Duplicati completely and to proceed to restore a file from a recreated setup. You should start regular backups only when you have mastered restores. Ideally you should test that on a regular basis, but that’s more appropriate for professionnal setups (well, most small businesses never do that of course).

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A bit more info on how the recovery process happens.

Duplicati can rebuild/restore your data from what gets stored on the remote/destination end, nothing from the source computer is needed. Sure you can export and backup your jobs and databases after each backup runs but you don’t have to and to be honest it’s less work and less error prone to just do without them in my mind but they can be very helpful if you don’t keep good notes on how you’ve configured things.

Let’s say for example that you backup folders on your server to OneDrive. You get a few backups and then your server dies a horrible death. To recover your data, install Duplicati on the new server or where ever you want to recover the data to, click on the “Restore” button choose “Direct restore from backup files …”. Provide the details to connect to your OneDrive account and after a bit of thinking Duplicati will provide you with a list of files to restore. Pick the files and a location to restore them to.

If you have an exported version of the backup job you can drop it in using the “Restore from configuration …” and that will restore the base job but won’t rebuild the database so a certain amount of repair will still needs to be done. Once repaired you can restore by choosing that job from the restore page.

Best bet, like @gpatel-fr said, practice and play with it. I’ve found it much easier and faster to use local drives (internal or USB) as the destination vs using a cloud provider when testing/learning. Hope that helps and if you have any further questions ask away.

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Great answers so far. I’ll add some links, but this is kind of a summary. Earlier advice applies.

Export to file creates JSON file for you to preserve. It gives password and encryption options.
You can use that to do emergency restore, or to import, Database repair, restore, and backup.

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost has Direct restore from backup files
where you just enter access information (the whole backup config isn’t needed to just restore).

The drawback is that if you do this repeatedly, there’s a temporary database create each time.
The database is partial (which speeds it up), but for repeat work, maybe import/repair is faster.

Hi ! Thanks for the feedback. And know that you are not so lazy because look gave me a lot of information!! :wink:
I have already performed this procedure, I exported the configuration file of the backup job and saved it on another machine, but when I go to restore the error in the Database and I cannot complete the restore.

Hi thanks for the feedback! So I was also delighted with the tool at this first moment, I come from Bacula and things there are not so simple when we need to make use of it in the cloud. The Duplicati, on the other hand, seems simpler, but these doubts arose in relation to the restore. Taking advantage of which would be the best version: Canary or Beta? :wink:

Details please, at least the message and some general information on what else you saw, and how fast.

I apologize to everyone, I was generating an error in the database because the encryption password was wrong, after putting the correct password it worked perfectly. Thank you all and I promise to check everything before posting questions here. hahahaha

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