Backup RaspberryPi Media folder to iDrive C2

I have a RaspberryPi5 with CasaOS which I mainly use as a Plex media server. I want to backup my media files to an iDrive C2 bucket and have installed Duplicati to do this.
I’ve managed to connect to my iDrive C2 bucket on Duplicati sucessfully but when selecting my source, it doesn’t show the media folder I have on my Raspberry Pi’s SSD. It only shows the “user data” and “computer” folders with very little in them. I’ve tried typing "/DATA/Media/"and “/Root/DATA/Media/” into the add path box but it says it doesn’t exist.
I’m very new to RaspberyPi and I’m sure I’m missing something very simple. Any pointers on how to reveal my media data folder to Duplicati greatly appreciated.

Is it in a Docker container? That could limit its view. If a container, whose image? Most have directions.

I think I’ve sorted it by changing some settings in the Duplicati app. Changed the PUID and PGID values from 1000 to 0 to give access to the root, then added the folders I wanted to backup to the volumes list.

That sounds like a image. Duplicati image is already 0, which is often better for backups.

Note that both images have other setup things in the directions.