Backup of Onedrive data to other cloud

I have a lot of files in Onedrive that I would like to make backups of. However, I dont have all the onedrive folders synced to my laptop (since its files I dont need to access very often).

Would it be possible to use Duplicati to make this backup? I could run it on my local machine, and it reads data directly from my Onedrive account and if needed download it, and then directly send to backup (and of course clean up the downloaded files in the end).

If this is not possible today, is it something that could be added? (I do c# coding as my day-job, so maybe I could even add such a feature myself if the code is not too complicated)

Duplicati can only backup files located on the local computer, so you can’t select files located in a cloud service directly in Duplicati.
I haven’t tested it, but I think there is a workaround for this:
Create a mapped drive to your OneDrive folder using WebDAV, as explained here:

If you map driveletter O: to your OneDrive account, I suppose you can select this driveletter in the Backup wizard.

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I wish we had this option as well. While mapping a drive could work, that specific computer would need to be on and connected. I have all my data on freenas and duplicati runs as a docker. I map everything using NFS. Currently I’m using rclone as a jail to satisfy the effort of backing up my google drive to local in case google ever …i dunno stops working…, which may work to solve your problem. Rclone is really great for backing up between clouds, local to cloud, cloud to local. I would like to do this in duplicati just to centralize my backup efforts. That being said, and looking at the configuration file for a backup job, it SEEMS like backing up from cloud to cloud, or cloud to local should not be so complicated and may already be supported just no commands or ui description exists. I’m going to put in a feature request for this.