Backup of .config/Duplicati

My Duplicati backup to the remote excludes the Duplicati config directory and its large sqlite file, Is there a standard way of backing them up as well.

More generally, I would be great to have built in “bootstrap” functionality that would allow recovery of the database from a small amount of locally saved client info.

At a minimum, I would save an export of your backup job configuration(s) including user/password detail and encryption passphrase. (Make sure you protect this file, of course!) Also save a list of any options you customized at the global settings level.

Alternatively, you could back up the Duplicati-server.sqlite file which contains the above information.

In general the larger, job-specific sqlite files do not need to be backed up. Duplicati can recreate those if needed. I say this with some hesitation, though, because the current Beta version has a bug that MAY cause this process to take way too long. That type of issue is fixed in the latest Canary versions and the next Beta release.