Backup not recoverable

The Harddrive in my unRaid Server died, I had an automatic backup every night, but when i try to restore i simply get an error. Help?

Hello @joelbottlang and welcome to the forum! I’m sorry your drive died, but there’s a procedure for that.

Restoring files if your Duplicati installation is lost is a good place to start. Saying more about what you tried, and what error was raised would help. Presumably you got Duplicati reinstalled, but it’s not clear what you did for creating the backup job. One good way is to import the prior configuration export of the old one. That will get configuration data back, but the local database is separate. If you used the Direct restore option of the “installation is lost” link, it will build a partial temporary database, in less time. When things get more settled you might want to Recreate the entire local database, ideally to continue prior backups from time of disk loss. Recreate can take a long time for large backups though, and people sometimes start into a new backup area while doing a Recreate from the old. Do you have an idea of backup size and version counts?

Hello @ts678 thanks for your fast anwser. I have a dedicated OneDrive account for my Server Backups, the Backup is about 1 GB big. I tried to restore the backup on my personal Computer and not on the server it self. And the backup starts and the database gots created but then the error happens.

Regards from Switzerland

I assume you mean “the restore starts”. Note that a Linux backup might not restore to Windows, due to differences in pathnames, slash direction, and such. I think it will restore to Macs because that’s closer.

I need to know what error you’re seeing. Can you give some words or paste a screen clip to the forum? Sometimes finding error details on Restore is even harder than for backup (which takes looking in logs). Still, give some information to start with, otherwise I can’t say anything about what direction to go in next.

In the .png document is the whole Error!Dokument1|353x500

That didn’t come through. Possibly a forum problem (images have been odd lately). On the other hand, I just pasted a screen clip yesterday here and it worked. Regardless, please try some other way of posting that…