Backup gets stuck on "deleting unwanted files" step

Hi everyone,

I’ve been having this issue for a couple of weeks now: I have 8 different backups running and 7 of them finish successfully. But one (the biggest one) keeps getting stuck on the “deleting unwanted files” step. The only way to get past this is to kill the backup, using the “stop now” option.
I have left this running overnight, just to see what it would do, and saw this morning that it was still stuck (and holding up the rest of the queue in the process).

Is there something I can do to get around this? I’m running

Thanks very much!

Can you look in the “live log” to figure out what it is really doing during this step?

Deleting the files should not take any noticeable time, so maybe it is reclaiming unwanted space.

Also, what are you using to store the files?

Hey there!
Thanks for the quick reply.

I had a thought after I wrote my original post, and went back and repaired the database for the offending job, and it hasn’t got stuck since. Maybe it got confused somewhere…

Thanks again :slight_smile: