Backup from Synology NAS - NAS found but no data on it


I am using a Synology NAS and would like to backup data from the NAS to another device. Duplicati accepts the path of my NAS if I enter it directly, but no contents are recognized. The summary of the backup shows “0 Bytes”. The backup starts but it ends immedieately after less then 10 seconds.
Can anybody help me?

I’m sorry for my English, but I hope You will understand me. If not, just ask, please.

Kind regards from Germany


Are you running Duplicati on a Windows PC and attempting to back up the NAS via UNC path? This isn’t an ideal setup, but some have gotten it to work. If I recall, the user account under which Duplicati runs on the Windows PC must exist with the same password on the NAS.

If your NAS is powerful enough, you might have better luck running Duplicati directly on it. There is a Synology package and also a Docker image. (Personally I prefer to run it in a Docker container but if you’re not familiar with Docker there is an additional learning curve.)