Backup from Microsoft OneDrive to Google Drive

Hi I mapped my Microsoft OneDrive to my laptop and store my files there. Now I installed Duplicati and want to backup the files that are mapped to OneDrive to Google Drive. I went through the setup wizard and selected the OneDrive folders as a source and specified the Google Drive folder as the destination. The test connection to Google drive was successful. I also selected some files from the local PC as a source (e.g. Desktop and Favorites). Then I ran my first backup which finished in seconds. The expected data volume to be backed up is about 3GB. When I look in Google Drive in my backup destination folder I can see files starting with duplicati…and different file extensions but all files are less than 4KB. Also, when I try to restore from the backup just taken it does not show any files available to restore.

Would you be able to help explain what I am doing wrong when trying to backup from MS OneDrive to Google Drive through my laptop.
Thanks in advance.

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If you mean the Destination screen chose Local folder or drive, you might be a little safer with Google Drive, however this sounds mainly like a source problem. On Source Data screen 3, can you see your OneDrive files if you expand OneDrive folder in tree? Is this a personal OneDrive or some sort of a business version?

Viewing the log files of a backup job will show how many source files were examined. Is the count at zero?
Is Duplicati running from just the .msi GUI install, as you, and you didn’t do extra work to install as service?

Although it’s on the Destination screen too, below the tree, you could pop into the Commandline screen to look at the Commandline arguments box to make sure the backup source is configured the way you think.

Viewing the Duplicati Server Logs at About --> Show log --> Live --> Verbose should name the files it saw.

Is your OneDrive set to automatically download files when an application wants to open them? This is the Windows 10 Files On-Demand feature which is quite configurable. I don’t use it much, but basic info is at

Save disk space with OneDrive Files On-Demand for Windows 10

When I tried this just now on Duplicati Beta, my OneDrive (personal version) files as viewed in File Explorer had their status change from the blue cloud to the green circle, as they downloaded for Duplicati.

OneDrive issues wouldn’t explain Desktop and Favorites going missing, so there may be different issues. You could certainly try to separate things, to simplify, e.g. first try backing up a local folder to a local folder.
Remove any fancy options (if you have any) that you don’t need, and see if you can at least get basics up.

Hi Thanks for the response.

Going into verbose log showed me the issue. I accidentally added a Filter to the setup when I played around with the tool in the beginning. Once I removed the filter it started backing up all the files and I was able to restore sample files to my local drive and back to my OneDrive.

Cool tool.

Thanks again.


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