Backup from local devices with a remote connection

Hi everyone.

I have installed Duplicati 2 on our server.
I go to the software on a local machine with the URL … works perfect!

But … when i will take a backup (from that local machine) … he shows only the source and target from the server (where Duplicati is on installed) on screen ?
Not the files of that machine :confused:

How i can set that i see the data from the local device (not from the server) for take backup to the server ?

the same story for “restoring” …

Thanks in advance !
Timm Rombouts

Duplicati must be installed on every host that contain source files you want to backup.
The web UI is just an interface to access the locally installed software.

If you want to access the web interface remotely, make sure you set a password to it and don’t expose it to the internet, to prevent unauthorized access to your source files.

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Ok … i understand :slight_smile:

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I’ve marked @kees-z answer as the solution. If there are any more questions please let me know

How many host/devices does Duplicati support?
Can I have it installed on different Operating systems and all the data will be accessible through the Web interface?

You can install Duplicati on as many systems as you like. Each system should have its own destination for backup files, backs up its own source files, and runs its web server for administration. Settings in Duplicati controls whether (and how) Duplicati permits browser access from systems other than the one that it’s on.