Backup fails if top level folder is suddently missing

Hi! Sometimes I make changes to my folders just like rename or move them. If I picked out one of the 1st level i.e. one I directley selected to get backed up, duplicate does recognize this, throws an error and stops backing up.
Often I check this after weeks that I have a broken backup!

FAQ: So why is this so or can you improve dublicate to raise just a warning, do a log entry and advance in progcess until end?

What error?

Clarify? Does this mean it throws an error but you have to go out of your way to find out that it happened?
Running TrayIcon would change color. There are also numerous reporting options and third-party helpers.

You don’t really say what you’re seeing, so I can’t comment much, but if a named item goes missing, set:


--allow-missing-source = false
Use this option to continue even if some source entries are missing.

which (at least for top-level entries in the selection – I’m not sure about suddenly gone lower ones) might

Ok ts678, thank you for your detailed reply.

Sorry, I didn’t know that there might be a parameter for my issue. Duplicati is good elaborated! Chapeau!

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