Backup fails after Bitdefender detects virus created by Duplicati

For the last 5 days I have had my backup fail at the same point.
I get “Access to the path c:\users\me\appdata\local\temp\dup-c7eeebc5-d50c-b9f1-af15805a2022 is denied”
Bit defender reports that the file is infected with Gen:Variant. Graftor.756302 and has deleted the item.
I tried removing dup- files from the temp folder and running backup again but still get the same error.
A full Bitdefender system scan shows my pc is clean so not sure what’s going on?

False positive by Bitdefender. If you can exclude files based on filename pattern, or by process name, that may be one resolution to this.

You can go to the Bitdefender site, choose whatever option (e.g. Consumer or Business) fits, and search support for false positive. They have procedures, but they promise more specifics for business products.

If you wish to boost your claim that it’s a false positive (or cover the small chance that some fragments of something malicious are in the file), you can submit the file to VirusTotal provided you can get access to it.

Unfortunately, some AV programs allow exclusion by extension, but there’s no extension for the Temp files.
–tempdir would let you set up a special folder just for Duplicati, then exclude that folder if that’s necessary.

False Alarm Test March 2020 and
Test Bitdefender Internet Security 24.0 for Windows 10 (201606) | AV-TEST
show Bitdefender is about average for its false detection rates.

How to Run Malwarebytes Alongside Another Antivirus
is an option (slightly trickier than it once was) to do a system scan without interfering with Bitdefender use.

Thanks guys.

I submitted the file and the only engine to find malware was comodo so guess it’s a false positive and have used an alternate temp folder then made it an exception.

Backups all working perfectly again.

Really appreciate the help.

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