Backup Failed, repair issue

A backup failed with

Unexpected difference in fileset version 4: 7/19/2022 3:00:00 AM (database id: 419), found 225892 entries, but expected 225992

This was result in a previous backup being interrupted.

I tried a repair and got

The database is marked as “in-progress” and may be incomplete.

ErrorID: DatabaseIsInRepairState
The database was attempted repaired, but the repair did not complete. This database may be incomplete and the repair process is not allowed to alter remote files as that could result in data loss.

Is there any way to recover?

This has been discussed elsewhere. The “winning” solution is to delete the affected fileset version (!). I see this error a lot, so I’ve been deleting a lot of fileset versions :-(.

How? Expand the affected backup in the UI. Select “Commandline”. Change the command from “backup” or “help” to “delete”. Blank out the “Commandline arguments”. Scroll to the bottom, and select the “Add advanced option:” “version”, which will then prompt you in another box for the offending version number (from the original error message). Click on “Run” at the bottom, and wait for completion. Try running your backup again. You’ll likely have another flawed version number, so you’ll need to repeat the “delete” version process until you can run a repair or backup successfully.

Good luck!

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What version are you folks on? The largest improvement for this came in

Fix for “Unexpected difference in fileset”. #3800

Before that, for me at least, it was pretty dreadful, and the above issue didn’t even need interruption.
For things specifically interruption-related, there might be other fixes. I suggest running Beta.


I’m not sure if that meant the Stop button, but if so, then there was a post- fix that might help it.

Fix unexpected difference in fileset when using Stop Now #4049

FWIW I spent weeks torture-testing Duplicati by killing it midway. I got some other issues, but not this.