Backup Failed But Then Succeeded?

New to Duplicati and Google Drive…

I’ve set up and run a couple of backups of my desktop to a Google Drive account. However, the second one, which I just ran for the first time, failed at the very end with a message to the effect an incorrect number of volumes were found (0 expected, 1 found). Or something like that.

I immediately re-ran the failed backup. It did some more file verification and then succeeded. I also restored a single test file (chosen at random from deep in the file hierarchy, if that matters) and the restore succeeded (the file contents were correct).

But I’m still concerned about that error message… Does it mean my backup is munged? If so, should I delete it (not sure how to do that) and start over?

Welcome to the forum @molbert

Too vague to comment. Check About → Show log → Stored to see if there’s anything around then. Sometimes fatal errors don’t show up in the regular log for the job (but also look there just in case).

Thanx, very much, for your reply.

However, I’ve abandoned Duplicati in favor of Arq Backup for Windows, which does what I wanted Duplicati in a much more straightforward and easy to configure/use manner.