Backup error, uninstalled the software

I just had uninstalled Duplicati 2 from my win10 laptop.
Installed to have a full backup before a SO reset.
First i do a small test backup and a partial restore. it was ok.
Then i create a full backup (drive C) with chunk size 50Gb, but i hat to stop it, it was looping!! saving the duplicati file from the temp folder.
Create a new full backup, excluding system, hidden and temp files leaved it run whole night and a the morning it was crashed with an error, something about constrains.
Create a new partial backup, selecting about 80gb, after some hours it crashed with error about duplicate record or something like this.
I link the file from the partial backup hoping help you to understand and resolve the problem.
But at the moment i can’t use your software.

First please note that Duplicati is not designed for full system backups. It cannot do a full image restore. Restoring the OS is not supported. Duplicati works best for backing up your data files, not OS or program binaries. If you want a full image level backup I would use another tool. Macrium Reflect is my personal choice.

Second, can you elaborate on this statement: “chunk size 50Gb”. Are you referring to the ‘blocksize’ option or the ‘dblock-size’ (also known as remote volume size) option? 50GB is definitely a bad choice for ‘blocksize’ and probably a bad choice for ‘dblock-size’.

I have understand Duplicati is not for full backup, this is the reason I removed it. I posted my experience to give the staff some information.
It looks like a good product but not suites my need.

Thanks for your feedback. The problem was probably caused by you setting a 50GB volume size.