Backup directly to two locations


I want to make a backup to a local drive and to a ftp server (offsite).
Is it possible to do this in one and the same job?
I have no created two jobs, but than I am having a timing issue. I only want to run the backup during the night. How can I be sure that the first job (local) is finished before starting the offisite backup? Or can those jobs run simultaneously?

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Hello and welcome!

As you discovered, with a single job you cannot target two locations. What you did (two jobs) is one way to accomplish this, and it’s how I did it when I first started using Duplicati. I didn’t like that Duplicati had to do the work twice, and I didn’t like that the two backups weren’t identical (they run at different times - the web UI engine cannot run jobs simultaneously). It was also annoying to have to manage 2x as many job configurations.

Because of those issues I switched to having Duplicati only back up locally (to my NAS), and then I sync the resulting backup data to a remote destination with a third party tool. rclone is excellent for this, but I actually use the “Cloud Sync” program on my Synology NAS to do it.

You could consider setting up a serialized backup if Duplicati is able to also use your local drive as a source. With this setup you’d actually be backing up the files Duplicati creates as part of your backup. It might be easier to get the timing between the two backup sets right this way and would avoid having to have Duplicati do the work twice.

I’m pretty new to Duplicati, but I guessing that in the event of a loss of your primary backup, you could repoint your first backup job to the ftp server to do file level restores. Someone with more Duplicati experience might have advice on what confusion, if anything, this would cause for Duplicati.

It would also let you rebuild your local backup using the duplicati files from the ftp server. Again, not sure if any of this might cause Duplicati some confusion.

I would strongly recommend NOT doing this. While technically it would work, you are running the backup files through Duplicati’s deduplication engine again, creating a new set of backup files that differ from the originals. To do a restore you’d have to do TWO restores.

It’s much better to do an actual synchronization of the backup files to an alternate location. If you do a sync, then the back end files are identical, and you can actually do what your goal is:

If its any consolation, I did mean to include that you should turn compression and deduplication off. On the other hand, I just looked it up and saw that it is not possible to disable deduplication. In the end I was wrong regardless! So everyone, forget I said anything. :slight_smile:

No worries! When I was new to Duplicati I thought of doing the SAME thing you suggested!!

Please note that there is no way to turn off deduplication in Duplicati.

Thank you for your participation in the forum!