Backup de 12 em 12 Horas

Boa tarde,

Configurei o Duplicati para realizar o backup de 12 em 12 horas, quando clico em restaurar ele só mostra o ultimo backup do dia, como deixar para aparecer os arquivos de backup dos dois periodos que foi executado?


You should be able to see all of the backups in the restore view. If it is not there, check your configured retention policy. It might be that you only keep up to one version per day (smart retention), or only one version total.

To keep more than one version a day for a week with smart retention, you can use a custom retention "1W:12h,4W:1W,12M:1M", if you want everything else to stay the same.

Thanks Jojo-1000,

My retention is as follows:


So I should leave:



I think you need to use a lowercase h. If you want to be sure to have 2 backups every day, you can also use 7D:11h, because sometimes the backups can shift and there will be less than 12 hours exactly between two versions. You can also use 7D:U to keep all versions for 7 days.


I switched to 7D:U.

I’ll follow up and get back to you if it works.

Thanks again.

Hi Jojo-1000,

It worked, now it shows both dawn and afternoon backups.

Could you help me with another doubt?

My policy is the last 7 days, the last 4 weekly, the last monthly and the last yearly.

I need it to be:

  • The last 7 calendar days;
  • The last 4 weeks, always on Mondays;
  • The last monthly is always the last day of the month.
    -The last annuals are from the first day of the subsequent year.

My policy now looks like this:

Thank you very much.

There’s no calendar. It just thins backups that already exist so that they get further apart as they age.
Days, weeks, months, years, etc. are also not categories that you can tailor to keep specific backups.
Creating a new backup job explains this somewhat. You set timeframes and minimal interval spacing.

  --retention-policy (String): Reduce number of versions by deleting old
    intermediate backups
    Use this option to reduce the number of versions that are kept with
    increasing version age by deleting most of the old backups. The expected
    format is a comma separated list of colon separated time frame and
    interval pairs. For example the value "7D:0s,3M:1D,10Y:2M" means "For 7
    day keep all backups, for 3 months keep one backup every day, for 10
    years one backup every 2nd month and delete every backup older than
    this.". This option also supports using the specifier "U" to indicate an
    unlimited time interval.

Time frames nest, meaning shorter ones override longer ones. For yours, the 7D time frame finishes, then the 4W setting starts until backups are 4W old, etc. Note that this is only deletions not creations.

Longer time frames are at the mercy of whatever the shorter time frames didn’t delete, so if by luck a monthly lands on the last day of the month, it can’t also land on the first day of the month or the year.