Backup continuation after system recovery

I do backups with duplicati 2 for a year.
Then host dead, I did new OS setup, then recover data from duplicati backup.
Then setup new duplicati backup by importing old exported job script.

Job seems as works, it shows last successful backup today.
But if I try to recover — it propose to choose from chain with last backup done before system crashed — old system, not current.

How can I merge and join backup chain?

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That provides a configuration. How did you get a job database? Repair?

So you actually ran a backup? What does job log show for Source files?
What you should not be seeing in a recreated database is the prior logs.

Prior backups should be there, but where is your new one (if you ran it)?
What sort of destination is this? Can you see if it has old and new dlists?


When you say recover, I assume you mean what the GUI calls a Restore.
The dropdown menu should show you one version for each dlist you see.
File count should be in new job log Complete log as BackupListCount.

Can’t remember. Possible, if it was proposed by adding wizard.

I only think I run a backup, but in real I don’t. I just see “next scheduled run” when I finish my job recreation work, and wringly interpret “Last successful backup” date.
Then I press “run now” (after reading your answer, not before I make my first post). I see backup process progress bar in web ui, then backup successfuly finished.

And now if I press “restore” in web gui I see solid backup chain from past and last backup that finished some minutes ago.

All what I want.

I wasn’t paying enough attention and didn’t realize that the backup didn’t work out. Now I’ve worked it out, and I’ve done everything I need to (only starting the task on the scheduler doesn’t seem to start, but that’s a separate issue).

So thank you for your responsiveness and help, my problem is solved!

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