Backup Configurations not showing advanced options that were set in GUI

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I have 3 backups configured and when I go into each one and Edit configuration it does not show all the advanced options i set up for that backup however when I export the config to a command line I can see that they are there.

for example I have a backup to my local nas that i have configured email alerts to be sent to me on Warning,Error,Fatal errors, this was entered into the advanced options in edit text as box,

If I now export the config as a command line I can see that I have set up mail:-

mono /Applications/ backup “ssh://” “/Volumes/Data/Users/paul/Application Data/” /Volumes/Data/Users/paul/Documents/ --send-mail-url=“smtp://” --send-mail-any-operation=true --send-mail-subject=“Duplicati %PARSEDRESULT%, %OPERATIONNAME% report for %backup-name%” --send-mail-to=“paul@xxx” --send-mail-username=xxx --send-mail-password=xxx --send-mail-from=“Paul- iMac it@xxx” --send-mail-level=“Warning,Error,Fatal” --backup-name=“DataBackup to WDduplicati” --dbpath=/Volumes/Data/Users/paul/.config/Duplicati/WDmycloud.sqlite --encryption-module= --compression-module=zip --dblock-size=50mb --no-encryption=true --disable-module=console-password-input

I have created a new test backup to my nas and confirmed it works rebooted my system and checked the advanced options and it correctly shows my email settings in the advanced options.

My backups all run ok however I am unable to make any changes to the email settings I have used.

My question is how do I fix this?



Were these advanced options set as described earlier, i.e. from Edit as text on the backup job screen? While it’s probably been awhile, the Settings screen also has Edit as text under Default options section. Default options would show up in Export as Command-line and Commandline, but not on the individual job when looking at its Advanced Options. They will, however, get merged when you actually Run that backup.

Using DB Browser for SQLite to read Duplicati-server.sqlite Option table would be the advanced technique for figuring out where the options are coming from. Duplicati Export to file would be a clue that they’re from the Settings Default Options, as (for some reason) this form of export doesn’t include defaults in its export.

The possible first debug step is to see if job Edit as text has anything that the decoded version missed.

Thank you ts678,

you are spot on with your diagnosis, I had set the email up in the default settings as it was a long time ago since I created the backup I had forgotten this.

I am writing a script that will check that my nas server is up and will run the backup job as a cmd line however when I run the command I get several emails saying
“Duplicati Success, List report for DataBackup to WDduplicati”
even though the command line has the option --send-mail-level=Warning,Error,Fatal
which lead me to seeing the advanced option for the backup job did not include my email settings as this is another problem altogether I will do some more research and hopefully resolve this myself.

Thanks again

Regards Paul