Backup at Folder Level

I need to maintain 1 backup at the level of a folder. I know that duplicati will be storing incremental versions of files and folders within this folder, but in the future when I would want to restore, is it possible to identify a folder version at a particular date/time, and restore it (instead of having to identify the correct version of files and folders within that folder)?

This feature is not straightforward or present in the current backup solution I am using.

If I understand the question, this is the only way it works (so for Duplicati the other ways aren’t present).

Restoring files from a backup

The Restore wizard consists of two steps. In step 1 you can specify what you want to restore and from which restore point you want to restore these files.

So the first thing you do is pick the date/time, and generally everything available is from the backup then.

What Duplicati doesn’t have is the ability to pick alternative versions from the file tree on a per-file basis.

Excellent, exactly what I was looking for. Wanted to be able to select a date/time first, and then a folder.