Backup as actual file

Hi is it possible to the backup file like a file, not as zipped, so I can see that file on the backup destination and download it directly from the backup destination?

No… Duplicati is not a file synchronization tool and there is no way to disable the deduplication engine.

If you want a sync tool I like rclone.

Ok I have a plan to backup my 3 pc to Google drive using duplicati.
If anything happens I will not able to download files normally from Google drive.
What are chances that I can’t be able to restore backups to my pc?
Is there some common mistakes that users do and broke their backups on Google drive?
What offen happens why users can’t restore their files?
In what cases I can say “bye bye” to my backup?
I will not use encryption, so I will not be able to lost encryption key :grin:

If you had a disaster, you’d need to install Duplicati on a PC and have it rebuild its local database by scanning the backup data. Once that completes you can then use Duplicati to restore your data.

I don’t personally use Google drive so cannot comment on any gotchas with that storage platform.

When you’re setting up backups, make sure the 3 PCs are storing in unique locations in Google drive (such as separate folders). Don’t ever configure more than one backup job to back up to the exact same destination path.

You can make your life a bit easier by exporting your backup job configuration to a file and storing it in a safe place. This way if there was a disaster you can just import the job configuration instead of doing it manually. Personally I would opt to use encryption and store the password in a safe place as well. (It could even be inside the job export, if you chose.)

Good luck!

What service you are using?

OK, you mind with the job export and cloud backup files, I am pretty safe with my backup files, I dont need to save encryption number separate?

I tried several including AWS S3, Wasabi, and Backblaze B2. I settled on B2 although all three of them worked well.

It’s up to you and your risk tolerance! Some people are confident in their cloud storage credentials so they don’t use encryption at all. I personally choose to use encryption but you are right, there is an extra bit of responsibility placed on the user to not lose that encryption key.