Backing up to OneDrive for Business

Setting up Duplicati to back up to my OneDrive for Business cloudspace.

The program successfully identifies the files to back up (241GB) and starts processing them. However the backup then fails with the message “This site has exceeded its maximum file storage limit.”

On checking OneDrive it shows I have over 850GB free.

The test connection to the folder reports it is specified correctly and I have experimented with changing the size of back up volumes and have used the 4mb chunk specification for Share Point servers. However I still get the same error.

Any ideas?

If you create a test backup that only has a few MB in the source does the run to completion successfully?

I personally haven’t used OD4B but could there be a per “user” space limit that’s set somewhere?

Does your OD4B have a maximum file count? I think they got rid of them, but MS is terrible about having a hundred different nuance licensed product depending on what size business you are and exactly what flavor of the license you buy.

If you can still copy a bunch of small files to it raw I doubt this is the problem.

This tip set me on the way to solving the problem.

I attempted to back up a few files and got a different error message - indicating the path to the location to store the back up was incorrect. (Despite pressing Test Connection producing a successful result!)

It needed the whole path not just \Documents\Backup - once that was corrected the small backup ran without a problem and the main backup has been running overnight and is 90% complete.

Many thanks

I think you’re right - file counts have been abolished - but I did spend sometime trying to confirm that!

Glad to hear you got it working! :slight_smile: