Backend quota is close to being exceeded, Google Bussines

I am back up my files to Google Bussines Unlimited Shared drive What can you do with shared drives? - G Suite Learning Center and it is Unlimited space, but, Duplicati gives me a message
Backend quota is close to being exceeded
2019-11-02 19:00:03 +01 - [Warning-Duplicati.Library.Main.Operation.FilelistProcessor-BackendQuotaNear]: Backend quota is close to being exceeded: Using 1.18 TB of 200.00 GB (110.40 GB available)

Which of these numbers are plausible? I don’t have your backup (see size on home page) or system. Does that oddly even 200.00 GB make sense in terms of a local drive in case its drive aim is wrong?

Can you find quota information from Windows, e.g. using File Explorer right click, Properties, Quota?

Do you have a system administrator who could have set a quota? If so, it’s odd that it’s not enforced.


Fix quota reporting with Google Drive backend #3601 is probably relevant if you’re using a Beta build. Testing latest Canary such as v2.0.4.34- might be interesting, but getting back to past Beta is awkward but possible. You could stay until next Beta or test on a different system.