Backblaze which number is which

I am trying to set up a backup to Backblaze b2. I need to fill in the B2 Application Id and the B2 Application Key. What value goes in what field?

From Backblaze I have:
The master application key: a long string of digits
The application key ID: another log string of numbers
The keyName: duplicati
The bucket name: latham-backups
The bucket id: another long string of digits

I have tried every combination of these is ever field (at least I think I have) and stil get: Failed to connect: 401 - bad_auth_token.

Could someone please tell me what goes in which field.

Duplicati asks for:

"Bucket Name" - this one is self explanatory.
"Folder Path" - this is the path within the bucket to save your backup data. Use something unique here for every Duplicati backup set. That way you can have multiple backup sets from multiple machines going to the same bucket, if you want. It’s critical that each backup set on each machine store its data in a unique folder.
"B2 Account ID or Application ID" - BackBlaze calls this the “keyID” and it is mostly numbers with some letters. Example: 00123b4567df3c60000000007
"B2 Application Key" - BackBlaze calls this “applicationKey” and it has a slash in the middle. Example: K001mcp0RsiEJe/Viw90bvjkZZPzRSE. Backblaze only shows this to you once at the time you create the application key. If you forget it you’ll have to delete the key and make a new one.

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In Backblaze go to “App keys” section and create new app key using “Add a New Application Key” button and remember to select the bucket in which backup will be established, after that you will be provided with the appkey and appid which can be entered in the duplicati.