Backblaze B2 vs IDrive E2


I am currently using Backblaze B2 but I am considering IDrive E2 (main reason would be cost).
Reading the guides and advertisements - both services look pretty much the same.
Does anybody have experience with both and what would be a better choice? Specifically speed, uptime, support?

Thank you.

Hi, we have been using IDrive E2 since its launch and we are quite satisfied. Speed is good, better than b2, wasabi, etc. have not faced any issue with uptime and found support not bad. Onetime support took more time but they explained the scenario thoroughly. It was my misunderstanding about the life cycle rule execution and the expiration of the old version. So I did not mind the delay after the kind of detailed response I received. So overall recommended.

Thank you,
From what I understand it is more cost efficient if one is to purchase 1y in advance. What is the practice if you are to purchase say 2TB then during the year the need increases and you have to go over the 2TB mark.

I did try to contact them but their answer was an automated email - “check your options” (not very descriptive). As an opposite - B2 had a live person even at pre sales level.

E2 has good option to fetch in the data but do they offer an option to push out the data (if needed)? Or it is up to the user to figure it out.

You can Google search for “idrive” “overuse” and decide what you make of what comes back from that.
Note that they have a variety of products, the terms differ, and there might have been past billing bugs.

I don’t understand the “push out” idea. I don’t use E2, but doesn’t Duplicati just pull data out, if needed?

These are the keywords - specifically “overuse”

Sorry - English is not my first language. There is always something new to learn.
In essence - whatever is over they charge it on monthly bases (PAUG rates).

E2 has an option to pull the data out of another provider. In essence - provide an access key and a pass and it can grab the data. It would be the complete duplicati folder without a need to decrypt etc.

Then when a user is to reconfigure the backup in duplicati just point to the new storage, duplicati would repair the DB the backup continues.

The good thing is that site to site connection can be very fast (in theory) - not limited to what a user would normally have - 100 - 200 Mbps

So in a case of migration B2 to E2 - the work is done by E2 (and that is good). But suppose the experience with E2 is not that good - then what is the option? B2 does not have such “fetch my data” tool.

If a user is to restart the process with duplicati - the versions would be lost. What comes to mind is some sort of download - maybe rclone - without decrypting the data and push it to the next provider. But the caveats are

  • the user would need additional storage capacity (local) to fetch the data
  • learn another program
  • longer transfer because the home internet will have to sustain quite a bit of data

With current pricing - $6/TB on B2 vs $4/TB on E2 - the second one is compelling. If they hike the price - it would not be (or it would be less compelling).

Is there a better storage option that I maybe missing?

That’s a nice migration aid.

For an existing system, just change destination. Job database doesn’t know or care about that.
Duplicati-server.sqlite server database is where the job configuration changes when you edit it.

They seem to have a deal with Flexify.IO, but pricing for small migrations isn’t clear on ther site.
Flexify site suggests it’s $0.03 per GiB for their service, not including anything E2 might charge,
however it’s not clear to me that they even do E2. Possibly you’d be left with rclone somehow…

“other” is 0.04/GB. So a move like this would consume the possible savings.
I think it comes down to crunching numbers and taking the chance on a provider.

Thank you all!

This is probably not correct if you use rclone. It can copy between clouds, just passing data through.
Some people on the rclone forum spend a few dollars to rent the right VPS rather than load their ISP.

I was looking at the Migration to Backblaze B2 pricing, but the bigger worry is I don’t see iDrive.
Cloud Migration via rclone on the IDrive e2 site does mention Flexify, and details how to drive rclone. Presumably, copying in the other direction is just reversing the rclone copy source and destination.

As to which is better or worse, a web search will find far more opinions than you’ll hear in this forum, however it’s good to have at least one person confirm that the integration with Duplicati is doing well.