Back-up to kDrive Infomaniak

I would like to send my back up to a Infomaniak drive.
I followed this tutorial (in french) : Duplicati : outil de sauvegarde multiplate-forme (PC & NAS) - Cachem

I tried WebDav protocol or FTP protocol.
I tested the connection several times.
The answer is in french :
“Failed to connect: La connexion sous-jacente a été fermée : Le serveur a commis une violation de protocole.”
I’m on windows 10.

Here’s the pictures :

Can someone help me ?

from what you show, you are trying to make a Ftp connection to port 443. While everything is possible, this is an exceedingly improbable configuration as most Ftp connections go to port 21.
As of Webdav, you don’t say if you use a paid version, their web site says that Webdav is not available for free version (and is generally not supported in any way, so it’s not an attractive proposition even if Duplicati can do it.

On their site, I see the ‘Swiss backup’ that is said to be compatible with SFTP and S3, both supported by Duplicati. Seems to cost about 6 euros for 1 TB that’s not at all competitive with Hetzner but well you are free to prefer Switzerland :slight_smile:
KDrive seems to be supported only by their own solution based on Acronis software.

First, you should find out what infomaniak says you should use for FTPS if that’s what you want.
FTP access with software and there’s a language selector at top if you prefer to see it in French.
Basically, it looks like only infomaniak can tell you (as described there) what FTP you would use.

The setup from your picture looks like you’re trying to FTPS into the URL for your kDrive web UI.
Having found one FTP server (possibly not the one you’re assigned to), I think port 21 is its port.
Sometimes sites might use port 990 for implicit FTPS, but it looks like they’re not going that way.