Back up to Google Cloud Storage without granting broad access through OAuth

The current implementation of the Google Cloud Storage connector seems to require me to grant complete access to my storage account via OAuth, to an external server ( This seems a little excessive.

Is there a way to generate an auth token directly in the Google Cloud Console and provide it to my local Duplicati instance, without going through a third-party server?

Not in a simple way. The way the OAuth works, the server has a “secret” that needs to be used with the user token before access is allowed. Those two secrets are a “pair”, and I cannot disclose the server secret, hence there is no way to achieve this without a server.

To use OAuth without the helper service, you need to run your own OAuth server.
There is a discussion about how/if that should be done from Duplicati:

If you prefer to have control, you can always deploy your own OAuth server, using the same code as the version we host: