Azure Blob Container not found and Duplicati want to create a new Blob Container

I have an Azure account for storage. I have created Blob Containers for backup.
I fill in all necessary information and click on "Test Connection and a window pops up saying "The folder https://xxx./backup does not exist and it wants to create a new folder. I click NO, but then it creates a folder called “https” anyway and starts backing up.

I really don’t want to use a folder called “https” which doesn’t tell my anything. I do want to use the folder I have created prior to adding a new Backup.

Any comments are welcome.


Does it create the “https” folder as part of the connection test or once you start the backup?

Assuming you’re not putting https://xxx./ in the “Container name” field on step 2 (Destination) of the job, what are you putting in there?

Thanks for the answer. I have elaborated with it and got the solution.
All I had to do was to fill in the “Container name” and not the whole path to it. So for example my container name would have the following URL: the only thing you have to fill in Duplicati is backupnucc and not anything else.

Also my title said Amazon which is wrong. It should be Azure. I changed that now.

Hope this could be help to others.


Thanks for letting us know what did the trick for you! :slight_smile: