Automatic deployment

can someone share his experience with automatic deployment of duplicati?

We plan something along the lines of setting up an SFTP space to which we would like connect via public key which we would like to pack into a config file which we then deploy with the .MSI installer (we are talking windows here).

is this possible?

One approach to this would be to pre-build the config database.
Simply set it up as you like, then copy the database from %APPDATA%Duplicati\Duplicati-server.sqlite and install it with the MSI.

If you prefer the users setting up the backups themselves, you can also export a backup you have set up, and then remove the source folders by editing the file, and instructing the users to import that file, and let them choose the source folders.

but wouldn’t the first approach result in backups, that all end up in the same directory, maybe even with the same name?

Yes, if you just copy the database, all installs will use the same settings. You can use sqlite3.exe to issue queries and modify the database post-install.

ok, I see, so no fully automatic deployment for now, but thanks anyway!

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