Auth warnings and too small backupfile

I’m running Duplicati in container on Ubuntu 22.04.2 and I’m trying to backup to Jottacloud. Backups seems to go ok with no error, but I’m getting 3 warnings about “The supplied option --auth-username is not supported and will be ignored”, “The supplied option --auth-password is not supported and will be ignored” and “The supplied option --auth-fingerprint is not supported and will be ignored”. Also the backup file is only 1,68 kb.
This is my docker-compose file:
container_name: duplicati
- PUID=1000
- PGID=1000
- TZ=Etc/UTC
- CLI_ARGS= #optional
- /opt/duplicati/config:/config
- /opt:/source
- 8200:8200
restart: unless-stopped

I’ve looked at some older posts about this problem, but can’t seem to find a solution for me


I can’t say if current Duplicati can reliably backup to Jottacloud - there seem to be conflicting reports on this forum - however on your current problems:

  • having unsupported options warnings is most often associated with a job that begun with a backend and was switched to another. The options specific to a backend are not removed automatically. To remove them, it’s useful to set the job back to the original backend.

  • the backup size of 2k is certainly not right. It may be related to you using Docker - that’s a setup I am not familiar with, however most often when there are posts like your, the solution seems to be to do bind mounts for the data sources to backup.

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Thanks for reaching out! As I’m a complete newbie I’m struggling a bit especially with the Linux “language”. So it’s a lot of trial and error. I found out that going from a non-encrypted to an encrypted backup solved my issue. Now I’m trying a restore to a new computer, I received a lot of errors and warnings, but I’m still hopeful. Docker is pulling the images🫣

I am utterly failing to see how this could solve any problem at all.

Seemingly you must have had this set up with SFTP (SSH) before, however
that would give you an --ssh-fingerprint. Maybe warning was mistyped?

Fix hidden username and password options when changing backends #4973
sounds like it will fix at least that part (if PR is accepted). Not sure of the rest.

I see another PR aimed to fix opposite problem accidental option loss as well.
Fix bug that removes advanced target options when editing backups #4972

I don’t know if somehow editing this config again removed unwanted old stuff.
In that sense, there might be a chance it fixed warnings, but what of the rest?

The subject and OP also speak of backup file as if it’s just one. That’s wrong.
There should be at least three files there – a dblock, a dindex, and a dlist file.

Looking at Source screen to see what the user has permission to get is good.
Looking at the job log to see what was actually found by the file scan is good.