Attaching an existing backup set to continue backing up to that

Sorry I am sure this has been asked before but I don’t know the correct terms to look for, nothing seems to match what I am looking for or else I am misunderstanding things.

My situation is as follows

I have my backup folder on my memory stick containing backups from my old computer
I have the source files already copied to the same locations on a new computer
I have installed duplicati of the same version as on the old computer.
I want to attach the backup folder so that I can continue to back up to it incrementally to it. without
having a full back up to the stick done again
Is this possible?
If so is there a link i could look at
Thank you very much.

PS I have been able to connect to the back up on the stick from the new install of duplicati
I then went to add a backup to that folder. I set everything up fine but I will probably cancel as I don’t think this will do what I want?

I went ahead with it and it seemed to work out OK.
When I set up the new back up I pointed to the same destination as I’d been
using previously and it got to work. It then gave an error about missing files
and forced me to do a repair (which required a google search to figure out how)
and then I think subsequent message said it was rebuilding the database.
That took a while but it all went through.
The status details say it has 84 versions available so looks good though I haven’t
done any restores to check it out.
Hope this is of some use to someone.

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