[ARM] Docker Image

Because I wanted to let Duplicati run on an ARM computer (in my case odroid XU4), and all my services are already Docker containers, I built a Docker Image for Duplicati that works on the arm32v7 plattform.

It can be just pulled from dockerhub, or built from git source. I also added examples for docker-compose:

I hope its useful for some of you that appreciate not to start from zero.

Contributions to the Git Repo or Forks are more than welcome.

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Welcome to the forum @psywolf85, and thanks for the awesome contribution!


I’m using your docker image on a cubietruck. I was hoping to be able to backup all the files of the cubietrack via Duplicati to a local NAS.

Duplicati seems to work. But when selecting source files it seems to miss some sub directories. Ie. /opt is shown but not its subdirectories.

Any ideas what could cause this?

Kind regards and thank you for you work.

A Docker container is isolated from the rest of the system. You have to make a folder available to it.
How to you start your docker image?

With this command the folder /data of the host system is mounted in to the container at /data
docker run -it -d -v /data:/data -v /data/duplicati:/root/.config/Duplicati -p 8200:8200

And the folder /root/.config that includes the config of Duplicati inside the container is made available to my Host system to make it persistent. Also that folder can be backuped :wink:

If you have any question, let me know

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Thank you for the hint. Indeed I just stupidly copy&pasted your example parameters when starting the docker container.

Now I switched to

docker run -it -d -v /:/data -v /data/duplicati:/root/.config/Duplicati -p 8200:8200 psywolf/docker-duplicati-arm32v7

Now dupliciati tells me it’s going to backup 100GB from a 10GB filled disk. But that’s another story :wink:

Thank you very much for your quick support and merry christmas to you and your family!