Arguments when running a script (via run-script-before-required)

I need to call a script with arguments but when I call the task I get:

ApplicationName='/home/foo/ jhon doe', CommandLine='', CurrentDirectory='', Native error= Cannot find the specified file

¿How should I call the options for using arguments?

Thanks a lot

I doubt that supplying arguments is possible, but in most circumstances there is no need for trhis.
All settings are stored in environment variables, the name is the setting, preceeded with DUPLICATI__ (double underscore). and all hyphens are replaced with underscores. So if you need the backup name in the script, it is stored in environment variable DUPLICATI__BACKUP_NAME. Example scripts are here and here

I don’t think so. I was doing a script for mounting a windows shared resource, the arguments are remote host, resource, etc. The origin of this feature is ahother report: SMB windows directory as source data

With this non-feature I sould make an script for each backup.

I see. That info can’t be supplied to the script by Duplicati itself.
Can’t you set the source paths by simply adding UNC paths, like \\HOSTNAME\Share? That would make running a script unnecassary and more reliable.

It is not possible in linux. The script just mounts the share with the credentials, so the system reads from the mountpoint previously mounted.

My knowledge about Linux is ~0.
Maybe this can help you:

Duplicati help text:

Duplicati can use the local file system to store backups. The following target
URL formats can be used:

  file://\\server\folder%20for%20backup (UNC path)
  "C:\folder for backup"
  file://c:\folder%20for%20backup (Windows)
  file:///usr/pub/folder%20for%20backup (Linux)

Maybe one of the suggestions in this thread work for you:

UNC is a windows concept. In linux each file must be under root directory or its subdiretories, and everything is a file, so the last line

is the unique option.

Anyway arguments for scripts would be so useful

Feel free to create an issue requesting this: Sign in to GitHub · GitHub

Not sure exactly what format it should have though.

thanks, I reported It