Arch Linux: No Tray icon (after repair)

Hi, I was facing an issue with Duplicati - the systemd service hasn’t started anymore and after restarting it I wasn’t also able to include files of my home folder, therefore also no access to the databases / configuration files.

I was able to solve these issues due to some forum posts (e. g.

File access permissions home directory)

and after repairing all is fine now again. I’m happy that the made backups are robust against those issues.

BTW I have absolutely no idea what provoked these issues, probably one of my latest system updates, but I’m not sure.

Only thing I’m missing right now is the tray icon which I’ve seen before and vanished now.
Any ideas how to get it back?

Found the solution: mono /opt/duplicati-latest/Duplicati.GUI.TrayIcon.exe --no-hosted-server starts the tray icon.

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