Any Zoolz experiences?

I’m just curious if anybody has any experience related to the Zoolz backup service.

It sounds like it uses Amazon’s S3 and Glacier networks to do the actual cloud storage, but also supports local stores.

Got their ‘lifetime’ offer some time back - regretted it from almost day one.

Cold storage is as advertised but not really the draw for me — their hot storage, they don’t allow any way to put files into it except their web interface (to discourage usage?).

End result now is that I have a big repository (hot storage) for sharing files and a super low usage last-resort respository (cold storage).

Also various other technical issues (client a bit temperamental and resource usage).

Would strongly not recommend.

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Thanks for the input. Since it sounds like it couldn’t even be used with Duplicati I’ll stay happy I skipped on the StackSocial offer.

I’m leaving this open in case I’m wrong about potential Duplicati use or somebody else maybe had a better experience with them.


My experience has been similarly frustrating as that of @Kelly_Trinh. I expected a full sync client for both cold and hot storage, but the latter does not exist. :smirk:

They don’t provide any means of mapping hot storage locally. Neither via WebDAV, nor rsync access, nothing. This turns hot storage virtually useless for any serious application other than sharing a few pictures to your mom.

Their support is quick but the responses usually lack professionalism and dexterity, and are often plain wrong. Any dedicated user will learn the quirks of the software better than their staff in no more than a couple of weeks. :unamused:

However, the client works pretty well for me. I make backup of all my PC data to both cloud&NAS (hybrid mode), and backup the rest of the NAS itself to the cloud as well. :+1:

Even though I was on time to get a refund, I decided to keep the deal.

IMHO, paying USD 49 for 1TB of (useful) capacity was still cheaper than an equivalent physical HDD, with all the advantages of cloud storage.

Just my 2 cents. Cheers!

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I thought there was no provisions for refunds? How did that work?

I bought it here, you get 15 days of customer satisfaction refund.