Any way to see a list of files that are being backed up?

So I have one machine that has approximately 1.1Tb of files spread over two hard drives. I installed Duplicati and selected the two hard drives. Duplicati is now telling me that it wants to back up 5.3TB of data.
I don’t have any network drives mounts so I’m quite baffled as to what Duplicati is seeing.

It would be very useful to be able to see the actual list of files that will be backed up as a consequence of the selected folders or drives. It would probably also be useful to be able to see what files have already been backed up.

@David_Jameson, from the backup config you created you should be able to select “Commandline…” then choose the “test-filter” or “test-filters” comment (I’m not sure why there are two) to get a list of ALL files seen by the filters.

Note that this is all POTENTIAL content that the filters will include, meaning it will show stuff even if it’s already been backed up.

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Thanks - apologies for not responding earlier, I thought I was supposed to get notifications of responses but that doesn’t seem to be working

Odd indeed, I’ve been get my email notifications… Maybe your spam filter ate it?

Anyway, I hope you were able to get file listings working adequately!