Another NAS funny

Platform: Windows 10 Build 19041.329

I am backing up user files, which include symbolic links to a NAS on the local network where the bulk of photos and music files reside.

The destination is a symbolic link to the same NAS and I can see files being stored there as the backup runs.

But, as the attached show, the source files from the NAS are not being parsed or stored.

I am not sure that this isn’t a different manifestation of the recent NAS issues on Windows 10, but it seems strange that Duplicati can write to the NAS but not read from it. Or is it?


By default Duplicati does not follow symlinks it finds in the source data. You can change this (see –symlink-policy) but I’d use caution. If you have selected the entire C:\Users folder (for example) you may end up with infinite loops.

For destination it doesn’t surprise me that it resolves the symlink by default.

Thanks for the option suggestion, @drwtsn32. And the hint about closed loops, my set up won’t trigger that but I can see it could be easily done.

@drwtsn32 I went RTFM and realized I can nominate my NAS directly as a network UNC, so the Windows 10 symbolic links are not needed, which is a safer approach.

It works fine, and doing this highlighted that just bringing across my original backup design from Crashplan was lazy. I’ve completely reworked my backups and have a cleaner, more straightforward approach now :+1: